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Fred Armisen & Carrie Brownstein Love Breakfast Tacos, Avoid Tapas Ghettos - Bon Appétit

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Best parts of the interview:

Any favorite Portland restaurants?

Carrie: I really like this place called Expatriate, run by Naomi Pomeroy and her husband. They make a great cod sandwich.

Fred: Screen DoorPok Pok, and Tasty n Sons, which has this ridiculous radicchio salad. I’m not a salad person, and I could eat it forever.

Best and worst Portland food trends?

Fred: Best is anything with eggs on it. I am not, however, a fan of whole fish; I like my food to be cut up for me.

Carrie: The worst is that people will line up around the block for ice cream, but they won’t line up to vote.

What food can you not control yourself around?

Fred: Breakfast tacos. They’re like a drug.

Carrie: It’s hard to find a good one outside of Texas, but HomeState in L.A. is a blessing and a curse. We’ve eaten there the last six days.

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