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3 More Ways to Use Neuroscience to Improve Your Productivity

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4. Volition, Intention and Free Will

Did you know that the brain likes to run as much as possible under your conscious radar? If your brain doesn't have to think about something, then it doesn't want to. So although this hasn't been articulated by many organizations, what has been happening is that companies have been automating things, defaulting certain options, nudging and guiding people to do the things that they believe are best for them and the business.

When Superdry launched their new pension scheme to their young workforce, they utilized a well-researched nudge that involves opting out of auto-enrollment. They may have known all the science behind it and that we would have predicted the results, but either way, they were certainly happy when only four people inquired about opting out.

We like to think that we have free will and are consciously evaluating in a rational way all our decisions. This is rarely the case. The organizations that are directing energy and focus to developing people's internal environments will have a huge competitive advantage. This is easier and quicker to do than you may think.

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