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7 Research-Based Ways to Save Time | TIME

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one of the better lists recently.

20 second rule is useful for physical actions a bit harder when a new tab cannot be 20 seconds away.

I think the battle against "busy" is going well as more and more people try to remind themselves to take time to think throughout the day. A steady and useful amount of sleep keeps you steady and useful.

Good point about getting more sleep.

Cheating yourself on sleep reduces willpower and it’s this same store of self-control that helps us resist all those bad behaviors like aimless web-surfing.

And yeah, the 20 second rule is mostly for physical things:

Make things you shouldn’t do take 20 seconds longer to accomplish (moving the ever-buzzing phone across the room) and the things you should do 20 seconds easier.

Stop Sorting Email

Sorting your email into folders? Don’t bother“…researchers discovered that those who did no email organizing at all found them faster than those who filed them in folders.“

Sick of time-wasting meetings? 

Bob Sutton’s great book Good Boss, Bad Boss: How to Be the Best… and Learn from the Worst points to a great trick. Hold your meetings standing up.

Know the optimal time to do things so you don’t waste time. Some notable highlights:

  • Best time to send emails you want read: 6AM.
  • Best time for thinking: Late morning.
  • Creative thinking: Creativity can be improved when we’re tired so try brainstorming when daytime sleepiness peaks at around 2PM.
  • Best day of the week to eat dinner out: Tuesday (freshest food, no crowds)
  • Best day to fly: Saturday (fewer flights means fewer delays, shorter lines, less stress)

Full list is here.