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Massive Congregation Of 35,000 Walruses Linked To Climate Change

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As Arctic sea ice habitats melt away, Pacific walruses are foraging in more coastal areas and using beaches for resting. It's a problem that's getting progressively worse, leading to a completely new behavior seen in the species — massive accumulations of walruses packed onto a single shore.

Prior to the onset of global warming, walruses used offshore sea ice habitats in the northern Chuckchi Sea as resting platforms in between dives to the bottom of the shallow waters where they feed on their preferred prey — such as clams, snails, and worms — during the summer and autumn. But without these ice habitats, they've had little choice but to find resting spots onshore, including a remote barrier island near Pt. Lay, Alaska.

Wow those pictures are phenomenal... And sad.

Btw did you know a group of walruses is called a pod?

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