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Arrington leaves the Republican Party.

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Arrington wrote:

I’m going to have a blanket policy of not voting for any Republican from now on, unless they are publicly pro-choice and very libertarian in their human rights beliefs in general.

Why? This Todd Akin asshole. It’s just way too over the top to even think about letting it go.

To be fair to Todd Akin, he misspoke; what he meant to say is, "I am dumb as dog shit and I am a terrible human being," according to The Onion.

Todd Akin represents a severe stance on abortion that many in his party embrace, including Paul Ryan.

Maureen Dowd explains:

Paul Ryan, who teamed up with Akin in the House to sponsor harsh anti-abortion bills, may look young and hip and new generation, with his iPod full of heavy metal jams and his cute kids. But he’s just a fresh face on a Taliban creed — the evermore antediluvian, anti-women, anti-immigrant, anti-gay conservative core. Amiable in khakis and polo shirts, Ryan is the perfect modern leader to rally medieval Republicans who believe that Adam and Eve cavorted with dinosaurs.

In asserting that women have the superpower to repel rape sperm, Akin ratcheted up the old chauvinist argument that gals who wear miniskirts and high-heels are “asking” for rape; now women who don’t have the presence of mind to conjure up a tubal spasm, a drone hormone, a magic spermicidal secretion or mere willpower to block conception during rape are “asking” for a baby.

I think that Arrington didn't leave the Republican party; the Republican party left him.

And I hope that more Americans vote out anti-women candidates. That is all.

I always wonder... is it somehow news to reasonable guys that the Republican Party isn't a big fan of women's sexual health and self-determination? Did they just find out this week or something? I believe a Constitutional ban on abortion has been an official part of the plank for decades.

I think many independents want to believe that the Republican party can be reasonable.

Because the Republican party of Theodore Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower was reasonable.

It took Todd Akin's over-the-top remark to remind independents just how many haters are leading the Republican party.

Suddenly we see Paul Ryan not as a beautiful specimen of a man, but as man whose policies are anti-women.

The honeymoon is over.

Republican and Progressive were close to the same thing, once.

I saw that posted on facebook.

BTW, I have Benioff as a friend from long ago. He posted something similar trying to tie Paul Ryan to the Akin rape comments. I had just read in the WSJ that he had donated $10k to Ryan by being quoted: "I recently made a financial contribution to Paul Ryan and believe he's one of the rising stars of our country."

I asked B in the comments of his posting if he thought Ryan was still "one of the rising starts of our country" and he promptly deleted the post and unfriended me. Lol.

I'm going to make a memerage comic out of it later if I have time.

That would be so awesome, Greg. Marc Benioff rage ftw!

I went to church and grew up with people who would unabashedly support Todd Akin. It doesn't surprise me.

Hopefully, we can stop mixing God and Politics and teach our youth critical thinking and reasoning skills.

I've always thought that the republican party takes advantage of its evangelical base in order to push neoconservative defense strategy and economic policy.

I mean, does the rural farmer or evangelical Christian in western Pennsylvania or Missouri or Ohio really think that Gov Romney and friends are looking out for them and have their back before corporations?

To be clear, I'm not taking sides, but as an evangelical Christian it offends me that folks would try to hijack my faith to push their own self-serving agenda...but oh, what's that? We've seen that story before in another part of the world.

Rape is rape. I believe in women rights as I believe in gay rights as I believe in the constitution as I believe in each and every individuals inalienable rights. And I'm an evangelical Christian. And I don't support Todd Akin and co. Nor do I believe these so-called conservative evangelicals should be taking faith out of context.

I don't always live up to the standards I believe in, but loving our neighbor is a key principle of that.

The irony is simple; these folks vehemently defend the unborn life, but they do little to help the women and mothers; care little about the lives of the already-born in places in America and around the world .

Texas wanted to remove critical thinking from the US curriculum, so we may have our work cut out for us on that front.

...and this is precisely why God is sending a hurricane to florida... ;O)

Link to Arrington writing?

Hi Mary! The link is under the Paul Ryan photo, next to "Refering to:"

Also included here for your convenience. ;)

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