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Airbnb Lifestyle: The Rise Of The Hipster Nomad

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Here are some trends that I believe will make the Airbnb lifestyle more common in Gen Y:

1. Ownership is a pain. I honestly can’t imagine ever wanting to own a house. Because I can’t stand the thought of having to deal with all the crap that comes with owning such a large and expensive thing. Renting is so much more convenient, and the fact is, I’m willing to pay for that convenience.

2. FOMO. Likewise, everyone knows Gen Y is allergic to commitment. I find the idea of committing to a specific place to live for years at a time depressing.

3. Freelancers are kings. Freelancing is becoming a way of life, too. I’ve been hearing from a lot of highly talented engineers, designers and product managers recently who are going freelance by choice. Work is becoming much more fluid, and workers have increasing control over when and where they work. This makes them less tied down.

4. The royal we. Families are getting smaller. Many of us may never have kids or get married at all. As family sizes shrink, there’s less incentive to settle down.

5. Democratization of style. There is a convergence happening in aesthetic style. We all basically like the same things, at approximately the same time. But, what we like changes relatively quickly, according to the latest hipster fashions. Ergo, borrowing is better for us than owning.

Wow, Gen Y has convinced itself that it's okay for rich people to own everything instead of them.

Btw that Airbnb logo is so very ballsy. 

It's like the cross between the PBR logo... And genitals.

As that link describes, cannot see Airbnb logo without seeing genitals. Sheesh. 

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