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Your Ancestors Didn't Sleep Like You -- Are We Doing It Wrong?

Your Ancestors Didn't Sleep Like You â Are We Doing It Wrong? | Collective-Evolution

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Evidence continues to emerge, both scientific and historical, suggesting that the way in which the majority of us currently sleep may not actually be good for us.

In 2001, historian Roger Ekirch of Virginia Tech published a paper that included over 15 years of research. It revealed an overwhelming amount of historical evidence that humans used to in fact sleep in two different chunks. (1)

Although history shows that two sleeping was common, and science indicates that it is (in some conditions) natural, there is no indication that it is better:

Two sleeps may leave you feeling more rested, but this could simply be because you are intentionally giving yourself more time to rest, relax, and sleep. Giving the same respect to the single, eight-hour sleep should be just as effective.

Let's hear it for eight hours of sleep!

Interesting, I've always thought it would be better to sleep in segments, but I've always felt I require less sleep, if I sleep more often, maybe 4, 30 minute naps a day.  The longer I go without sleep, the more I need.

Would be great if we could get rid of it entirely one day, more time to do things.  I do like sleep, but would like to not lose 1/3 of my short life to it ;)

Perhaps sleeps serves a purpose that actually lengthens our lives?

Then start practicing lucid dreaming... and get some Inception like action going on while you're sleeping ...plenty to do then.  Plenty.

You can make yourself dream a certain way?


One can become aware in one's dreams of being in a dream and then make conscious choices in those dreams, sort of like becoming the director as well as subject and object of your own show.... 

It's a nightly practice.

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