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Doctor Who "Kill the Moon" Would Be Way Shorter If The Doctor Only Played Nice

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A thoughtful point:

Whenever you watch a Doctor Who story, it's always good to ask what would have happened if the Doctor hadn't shown up — that's presumably the "original" timeline, and the timeline after the Doctor's arrival is the revised version. I'm guessing that in this case, if the Doctor hadn't shown up, Captain Lundvik would have died along with her crew, and the human race would have been left powerless to stop the lunar "bug" hatching. (Again, the Doctor probably knows this, but doesn't say.)

Threaded throughout this story is another really terrific idea — that in 2049, the human race has stopped going into space, because we decided there was no point. Some Mexicans went to the Moon in 2039 to set up a mining enterprise, but when they died mysteriously, humans gave up on space exploration.

The neat twist on this is that what restores humanity's interest in space travel isn't being reminded of our can-do spirit, our ingenuity and so on — but having our sense of wonder recharged by seeing the beautiful creature emerge from the Moon, and not killing it. So presumably, if the human race got its way and killed the lunar creature, we'd have turned back to our inward-looking ways, with our fear of the unknown reaffirmed. That's a really cool spin on the "humans gave up on space travel" thing, and one I wish this story had done more with.

The dilemma of whether to kill the creature hatching from the Moon is an interesting one — but so is the question of how far the Doctor should meddle in human affairs. At this point, though, it's a little late to be asking those sorts of questions. The Doctor has already "put a lot of work into this planet," as he put it in another story. He's saved humans from monsters, but also from ourselves, countless times. (A number of Doctor Who stories involve a human mad scientist doing something mad, and the Doctor intervening.)

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