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Arizona State at USC last-second Hail Mary 2014

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jimmypop89 explains what a Hail Mary is:

For you non-football fans, a Hail Mary is a play called normally as a "one last effort" during a football game. This involves the receivers (guys catching the ball) to run in a straight line as fast as they can towards the end zone and the QB (guy throwing the ball) to try and throw it as far as he can towards them.

Because of the distance and this play call being expected, it is very easy to defend against and most of the time will end up as a incompletion (no catch) or an interception (the other team catches it). This play call is almost never successful which is where the name comes from: just throw the ball and pray for a miracle.

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Thank you tzhou for this still:

Arizona State ASU USC Hail Mary 2014 Imgur

USC bros do the Surrender Cobra ...

USC bros surrender cobra meme Imgur