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Hone Your Divergent Thinking Skills

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1. Combine Methods or Models From Different Domains

Richard Garfield, the inventor of Magic: The Gathering made $40 million dollars. He combined, for the first time, card games and collectibles (card decks for the game) to create a game that attracted millions of paying players. This is what Frans Johansson, in The Medici Effect, called intersectional thinking. That’s combining two unrelated ideas tocreate something new and valuable.

In the fifteenth century the Medicis, a banking family, attracted to Florence, Italy, (and funded) people from diverse disciplines – including sculptors, scientists, poets, philosophers, financiers, painters and architects – who began collaborating. That kicked off what became known as the Renaissance.

Here’s another example: When aerobics instructor Beto Perez forgot to bring his usual music tape to class, he looked in the duffle bag he brought to find a substitute to play. He used his mixed tape of salsa and merengue songs. They not only proved to be popular in class, they also were the unexpected launch of the Zumba dance craze, now the world’s largest fitness movement.

Creativity is just connecting dots.

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