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Become Batman With This Oculus Rift App

Become Batman With This Oculus Rift App GameSpot


Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment have teamed up to recreate Batman's iconic Batcave in virtual reality for Oculus Rift and other similar devices. The VR experience will be based on the Batcave featured in the 1990s show, Batman: The Animated Series.

In addition to Oculus Rift, the Batcave VR experience will be supported on devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Gear VR and future "light-field" displays.

The Batcave app is powered by technology created by visual effects studio Otoy Inc. The company says the tech will deliver a faithful recreation of the Batcave with "unprecedented" detail. Otoy is even working with Batman: The Animated Series producer Bruce Timm for the project.

"It's super-cool, eye-popping stuff, and fans are going to love it," Warner Bros. animation president Sam Register said in a statement."

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It would be cool to chill in the Batcave but even better would be to drive the Batmobile virtually.

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