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The Role of Content in Ramping New Sales Hires

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It Starts with the Message  Weak and ineffective product-focused content is a primary cause of long sales ramp-times. Salespeople take many months to synthesize and translate the product messages in their own mind, into something that will actually connect with buyers.In 9 out of 10 meetings with buyers, B2B salespeople fail to contribute value, beyond product features and pricing, (Sirius Decisions). Buyers don’t need more product information from salespeople; they can get all that in a couple of mouse-clicks. Buyers need more insight from salespeople. They expect salespeople to have some knowledge of their business, their competitive environment and their likely challenges, in order to contribute value.   Plus buyers need to hear how others have succeeded in overcoming similar challenges.   When contemplating the above scenarios, a couple of questions come to mind;

  • How effective is your existing value-messaging in relating to the problems your ideal customers really care about?
  • How long does it take for salespeople to develop a point-of-view that resonates with buyers?
  • We all want salespeople having conversations and telling stories, - do you arm them with an inventory of conversation points and stories?
  • Are those stories mapped to buyer problems, roles, buying stage, competitive context, so they don’t have to figure them out?
  • Are they ready to be delivered and in a form that is immediately useful?
  • How well do your salespeople create solicitation and follow-up emails, - how long does it take them?
  • How many times do your salespeople tell buyers, “I’m going to have to get back to you on that”?

How much more effective would your salespeople be - and how much faster could they become fully productive, if they had everything they needed, right at their finger-tips? How much faster could they learn, if they had the content they need and an ecosystem where they could share knowledge and learn from others, and all they had to do is use it?   

Yes but don't deluge them with information. Less is more. 

What if from day-1 in the company, a new sales hire could tap the experience of the most successful sales reps?   What if you could provide new hires with content structured in a logical way that salespeople want to use it, including:

  • Ideal customer profiles, including buyer problems and likely causes,
  • Relevant capabilities and positioning,
  • Call preparation guides,
  • Why Change and Point of View conversations,
  • An inventory of customer stories,
  • An inventory of emails, with tested subject lines and calls to action that work,
  • Key questions to ask and key objections and counters?

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