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Another Woman In Gaming Flees Home Following Death Threats

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I have run out of things to say. 

This is so messed up.

Twitter is in part to blame here. They allow threats and hate speech.

That's not free speech, it's just immature jerks terrorizing people. 

good article.

I'm saddened by how the men of gamergate are proud of themselves:

Wish we could figure out a way to not have people that think and act like this in society, but I guess it's better to have these people in the public eye, than to be in hiding with this type of thinking.

I'd prefer they hide, in shame or fear, than be emboldened by inaction.  Twitter needs to police this shit.

It's way worse than we think. They don't hide:

Some of them actively record their hate speech and threats.

Some of them actively record their rapes so they can blackmail the victims. 

Wow.  Clearly he's mentally ill.  Clearly this is a crime.  Where it goes from there is what's worrisome.

Kathy Sierra is a friend, and I can't blame her for being tired of engaging in public conversation when it is so uncivilized. 

The most horrible thing is how common this is becoming. So many women are being targeted with hate speech... when does it change? what can we do? 

If I read Kathy's Koolaid Point post correctly, Twitter actively protects death threats:

For example, Twitter's system only allows the specific threatened user to report a death threat:

Twitter is part of the problem. The company actively resists having a proactive policy against threats. 

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