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Sea level rise over past century unmatched in 6,000 years, says study

Sea level rise over past century unmatched in 6 000 years says study Environment theguardian com


The rise in sea levels seen over the past century is unmatched by any period in the past 6,000 years, according to a lengthy analysis of historical sea level trends.

The reconstruction of 35,000 years of sea level fluctuations finds that there is no evidence that levels changed by more than 20cm in a relatively steady period that lasted between 6,000 years ago and about 150 years ago.

This makes the past century extremely unusual in the historical record, with about a 20cm rise in global sea levels since the start of the 20th century. Scientists have identified rising temperatures, which have caused polar ice to melt and thermal expansion of the sea, as a primary cause of the sea level increase.

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Before every ice age there's been a period of rapid  temperature rise, where rapid can mean as short as a few thousand years. 


It's hard to compare a human lifetime (under 100 years) to the length of an ice age. 

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