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The case against cinematic universes

The case against cinematic universes The Dissolve


So without questioning the business rationale behind the cinematic universe—or even the entertainment value of many of the Marvel films so far—news that other such projects are on the way is dispiriting in the extreme. Part of it is they don’t sound promising; Marvel comics mixed, matched, and combined characters long before the MCU existed, but a series spearheaded by Dracula Untold, or the possibility of a grittier, edgier, 21st-century-friendly Friar Tuck is significantly less exciting on its face. But if you value movies primarily as a form of personal expression, and you’re aware that Krzysztof Kieslowski has been dead for nearly 20 years, then the move toward bonding and cross-pollination is about as anti-cinema as it gets. 

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The Marvel universe is so cross-pollinated now it's hard to imagine all the heroes separated.

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