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Being a pregnant mother and a YC participant

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Yes, she really used a photo of all male YC alumni without herself.

It's from this 2009 Inc article on YC:

Perhaps the photo is a Last Supper parody? They appear to be in Last Supper poses.

With Paul Graham in the role of Snoop Dogg...

Snoop Dogg Last Supper gif tumblr

Sam Altman tweet women founders Y Combinator Medium

If they are current founders haven't they already started companies without YC encouragement?

Regarding the original article...

https:[email protected]/hi-im-a-mom-and-a-start-up-founder-my-yc-story-3b8c8650ae95

...I get that she's encouraging people to apply to YCombinator but does she understand they have a rejection rate higher than 95%?

My story is for anyone who has dreamed about running their own startup but feel like they don’t fit the archetype. Guess what? You do. You are the modern day startup founder.

Clearly not ANYONE should be encouraged to start a company.

Her article downplays how difficult it is to succeed.