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Uber Calls Woman's 20-Mile Nightmare Abduction an "Inefficient Route"

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What the heck, Uber abducts women???!

Uber makes an interesting distinction between Uber and the people it contracts:

Let's get some things out of the way:

Yes, there are dangerous people in any industry.

Yes, there are dangerous taxi drivers.

No, Uber isn't actively recruiting criminals and creeps.

But the company demonstrates, again, and again, and again, that it cares more about beating back regulations and destroying organized taxi services than it does about you, your happiness, or your wellbeing. Uber is one of the only startups that's skipped straight to the large, unfeeling, contemptuous phase of any corporation—dismissing a kidnapping attempt as an "inefficient route" is so horrifically perfect for Uber that it comes off as a bad joke. But it's not a joke, and now a dangerous person—who Uber will of course remind you is not technically an Uber employee, but instead a mere independent contractor!—has this woman's home address. For now, she explained to me via telephone, audibly shaken, she's staying in a hotel.

I'm frankly amazed that people use Uber given that stories like this are out there that mention what a coldly calculating organization it is. 

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