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Cowboys' Joseph Randle on shoplifting: "I did something stupid"

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I like Joseph Randle. I think I'm going to add him to my fantasy football team.

Dallas Cowboys running back Joseph Randle made a regrettable decision to shoplift some cologne and underwear from a department store, but at least he answered for his actions.

Randle apologized to his teammates on Wednesday, then showed contrition for the embarrassing crime (a Class B misdemeanor because the value of the stolen items was between $50-500) when he answered the media's questions in front of his locker.

"I know there’s big-time consequences for things in life," Randle told a group of reporters,via the Dallas Morning News. "I disappointed a lot of people who really care about me like my brothers on my team, the coaches around here, this whole organization, people who have supported me, my family, my dad. I let a lot of people down. I am really just trying my best to make it up to them and do whatever I’ve got to do to get past this."

The Cowboys won't suspend Randle for this week's game against the New York Giants, although he will be fined between $10,000 and $30,000, according to the Morning News.

What else could Randle do on Wednesday but face the music, try to move on and hope the story passes? He called it "the biggest mistake I've ever made in my life."

"It was hard coming back into the locker room, looking at people who care about me in the eyes, knowing that I did something stupid," he said. "I had to talk to them about it. I can’t just go like nothing happened. I had to address the issues. We’re trying to move forward from it. This is not a distraction from the team. We’re just trying to get ready and keep winning like we have been doing and play our rival team, the Giants, this week. That’s what we’re trying to focus on."

I think he has learned a valuable lesson here. Don't steal underpants!