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Worries Beyond Ebola: America's Disease Watchlist

America Deadly Disease Watchlist infographic ebola Forbes

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There are so many diseases. There are so many things that can go wrong. 

Great graphic to conceptualize time, but it gives the impression of things spiraling out of control!

Stupid question. Poliomyelitus is Polio?

Also, they should color this chart by mortality rate. 

Yes, Polimyelitus is Polio.  Not a stupid question.

Nigeria is another success story. It had 20 cases and eight deaths after the virus was brought by a Liberian-American who flew from Liberia to Lagos, Nigeria's commercial capital of 21 million people, in July. Nearly 900 people were potentially exposed to the virus by the traveler, who died, and the disease could have wreaked havoc in Africa's most populous nation.

Instead, Ebola appears to have been beaten, in large part through aggressive tracking of Ebola contacts, with no new cases since Aug. 31.

WHO, the U.N. health agency, called it "a piece of world-class epidemiological detective work." The organization is set to declare an end to the outbreak in Nigeria on Monday.

Nigeria had a head start compared with other West African countries: Officials were able to use an emergency command center that had been built by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to combat polio.

Huge supporter of Bill and Melinda Gates foundation work in Africa.  It's amazing stuff they have done!  (and not just for this).

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