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Someone Had to Go First

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2009: “Bloggers go first. If there’s a blogger around you don’t have to wait for a volunteer.”

I am a programmer and a blogger. In both these roles, I like to go first. If there’s a juicy idea out there to explore, I’m on it! That’s the role I played in the birth of blogging, starting on October 7, 1994. All of a sudden it became clear that the way had opened for individual personal publishing. I wanted to figure out how it worked.

Because the power of the press belongs to people who have one, I realized how huge a change this was. Now publishing costs were zero. The only thing that stood in the way were basic practices for writers and programmers.

As Walter Isaacson points out, innovators need to be both humanitarians and scientists, we have to touch the human spirit, and be masters of the scientific method. In the bootstrap of blogging it was enormously important that I was both a writer and a programmer. We had to learn to write for this new medium, and we had to figure out how the software worked.

Apparently he didn't mean to publish this on Medium. Here's where he published it:

It's interesting how 20 years later we take for granted that people blog.

And yet, now I can think of only a few mainstream blogging systems: Wordpress, Tumblr, and Medium.

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