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Everyone Is Trying To Figure Out Who The Guy Near An Ebola Patient Without A Hazmat Suit Is

Who Is Clipboard Guy - Business Insider

A mysterious man with a clipboard (or a yellow envelope) apparently made the bold decision to help an Ebola patient onto a plane without wearing a hazmat suit, and everyone is trying to identify him.

(Edit: We now know that "clipboard guy" is the medical protocol supervisor, who is not supposed to be wearing a hazmat suit. See this post for details.)

The hashtag #clipboardguy has gone viral on Twitter, with many people incredulous that someone would take such a risk in the midst of an Ebola outbreak that has caused widespread panic.

The man was reportedly helping Amber Vinson, a 29-year-old nurse who contracted Ebola in Dallas after caring for Thomas Eric Duncan, board a plane. She was being transferred from Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital to Emory University Hospital in Atlanta.

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The virus is not contagious without contact. 

Because the protective gear seriously limits vision, he was there to provide the eyes that other people didn't have.

designated next victim... duh.... they probably dropped him directly from the black helicopter onto the tarmac

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