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What Alzheimer’s Patients Feel After Their Memories Have Vanished

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As you’d expect, Alzheimer’s patients remembered significantly less about the clips they’d just seen than the healthy group.In fact, four out of the 17 patients could not remember a single fact about the clips and one patient couldn’t remember having seen any movie clips, despite the fact it was only five minutes later.Despite not being able to remember seeing the videos, they were happier (or sadder, depending on the clips they’d seen) for at least 30 minutes afterwards.

So happiness is tied to forgetfulness? Wow.

alzheimer's patients may not remember much, but their emotional lives are alive and well.

They can still feel emotions NOW. They just don't draw on the past as much to stir those emotions.

ah yes.  weird.  i guess they should just do what makes them happy now.  same for us.

Yes, I think we can learn that lesson from them.

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