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Jenny McCarthy: ‘Lemon Juice Cures Ebola’

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fake and funny. 

Sad part is it's something I could believe she would say.

“If you’re infected with the ebola virus, skip the trip to the hospital and go straight to your local grocery store,” she told host Matt Lauer. “Freshly squeezed lemon juice contains compounds called citronols which help your body fight off viral infections naturally.

“According to a blog post I wrote myself on the Internet, citronols are 100 percent effective in eliminating all traces of the ebola virus from the body and can even prevent infection if taken daily. They also help combat cancer, inflammation, heart disease and possibly Alzheimer's.

“The pharmaceutical companies want you to believe that ebola is incurable, so that they can develop so-called ‘treatments’ and make billions. But if you’re worried about getting ebola, save your money and your life and go to my website, where I have high-citronol lemon juice available for immediate purchase.”

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