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Games get serious in education and corporate training (interview) | VentureBeat

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GamesBeat: Do you detect a lot of progress here, or are you waiting for somebody to set the world on fire with a serious game?

Bohle: I wouldn’t say it’s a long process, but I would say that serious games will be an evolutionary process. I don’t think it will be a single game that will change everything. The question of how to put learning objectives that can be measured into a game, and then the ability to assess the game’s performance, is the Holy Grail. That problem has not been solved. That’s why the topic is an emphasis up here. It’s not going to be a single game. It’s just like education. There isn’t one math course that makes people learn everything about math. It’s the development of teaching methods that become standardized that help students learn, say, calculus. I think the same is true of serious games. The science of learning is what is fascinating to me here. We still have challenges to overcome in order to create the methods of designing games that will teach, that will train, and then that can measure the degree to which they achieve that after they’re introduced into a learning environment.

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