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Instagram is the most exciting company of 2013 that will never be. ~@shontelaylay

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Instagram is now 80 million users. It's the biggest mobile app, other than Facebook.

No wonder Facebook bought them.

@shontelaylay goes on to explain why consumer Internet has gotten boring.

I think it only seems boring because of financing problems and diminishing publicity.

My guess is there are probably as many consumer internet startups as ever but due to FB and Zynga stumbling in the public markets, etc, etc purse strings are pulled tighter so fewer have the funds to explode into the public sphere and need to rely on organic growth.

Due to the same FB/Zynga/etc, major media's love affair with Silicon Valley may be waning. Again, no fewer actual startups just less mainstream major media frontpage glossy stories heralding a new tech-enabled revolution/disruption/whatever. They're too busy with the continuing blow-by-blow of "Will Facebook live up to it's potential?" That story has legs, is more compelling than "startup of the week", has proven to be a bellwether for the entire tech sector and interests mainstream non-techies as much as techies. Unless there is a definitive result soon I don't expect journalists to let it go.

You're right that Facebook and Zynga have soured a lot of people on consumer Internet.

I addressed the differences in their approaches in Facebook is the ant.

As for the media, it's like Don Henley says in "Dirty Laundry":

Kick em when they're up, kick em when they're down.

I still believe that the most interesting consumer Internet services are still to come.

Don't let it end this way!

"Due to the same FB/Zynga/etc, major media's love affair with Silicon Valley may be waning."

This makes me VERY happy.

Don't get too excited, Chris.

The media tears them down so they can build them up again.

Ha! Good point Adam... But honestly, I would love it if that was something that did happen (attention waning). The less glorification the better in my book... This shit is tough...

Among the Silicon Valley circles I populate there's less interest in consumer Internet.

Around here, people are looking for the next Dropbox, Evernote, Github, or Yammer.

Interesting... For how long now have you seen this trend?

End of May, when Facebook fell below its IPO price. Honeymoon over.

The pie is not as big as people thought and a growing number of people are fighting for the same slices.

Path or instagram or Facebook or twitter on mobile -- in addition to every other niche community -- are fighting for the same users and their attention.

Opportunities diminish while competitors increase.

It's in Facebook's interest to suck as much oxygen out of the ecosystem as possible.

It decreases the likelihood that a competitor can emerge.

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