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10 simple hacks to fall asleep, backed by science

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4. Keep Your Room Cool

The last tip we can offer to help you get to sleep quicker, is to make sure that you keep your room as cool as possible – but not too cool. Years of scientific research have found that your body temperature is key when trying to get to sleep, as your body temperature naturally drops when you start to nod off. Therefore maintaining a cool, but not cold temperature in your room is essential. Similar to the way how coming out of a hot bath makes you feel sleepy thanks to your body’s temperature drop, the best course of action is keeping a fan or a window open to keep cool air circulating, and then taking the opportunity to snuggle down. Lovely.

I do believe a cool room helps. It is quite lovely, actually.

i love being warm, but nothing beats cozy covers, and for that you need a cool room!

Turn the cold up so you can turn up the cozy! :)

6. Meditate

The meditation revolution keeps on rolling through our cities and cultures, touted as a huge help for anyone who needs it – and with good reason. In terms of being simultaneously rudimentary and revolutionary, meditation has been commended as a kind of cure-all for a large swathe ofphysical or psychological ailments – in this case being unable to go to sleep. Meditation allows you to calm your restless mind and focus on the kind of slow, rhythmic breathing that helps make sleeping better. In fact one of the suggested breathing techniques, the ujjayi breath (or ocean breath), is perfect for calming you down and helping you nod off to sleep.

So rhythmic breathe as we're trying to fall asleep?

yes!  i'm a big fan of this.  i also have recorded meditations by deepak chopra and others that are nice if i need a little help winding down.

Heh, I bet he reads in a dull, sleep inducing voice...

10. Invest In Some Blackout Curtains

This can be an issue no matter what your bedroom situation is, but it is always worth investing in a solid pair of blackout curtains if you’re looking for a great go-to sleep hack. With more and more light pollution in the day-to-day – your neighbour’s backyard spotlight, the streetlamps outside, everyone’s car headlights coming in at 1am – it can be harder and harder to sleep with all that extra light pouring in and messing up your chance at sleep. Blackout curtains are a great preventative measure, as they’ll make sure your sleep is longer, better, and is much less likely to be disturbed.

Less light generally means better sleep. I concur.

i love waking up to the light, but when i'm stressed out or going to bed at 3am, blackout curtains are key.

Too bad the curtains can't magically open themselves when you need to wake. 

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