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How Allison Janney Became That Actor In Everything

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It was fun to play the smartest woman in the room and get to say all these great speeches. She was an incredibly ego-boosting character to play as well. I just felt so cool playing C.J. The way she dressed down anybody who was inappropriate or a sorry excuse for a human being. She knew how to put a word sandwich together and I’ve always been a fan of those Rosalind Russell, fast-talking dames. I loved the dialogue. I loved the challenge of memorizing it — especially in the press briefings. I don’t work well not knowing something on the set. Some people can just ask, ‘What’s the line again?’ That devolves my process into utter spiral shame. I have to know my shit. I have to know it cold. Then I can just come on and spit it out. I didn’t know what I was talking about, but you’d think I did! I wish I could channel her in my real life. Just turn on my C.J. brain and suddenly know everything she did and handle everything she did with such diplomacy and grace.

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