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The Advanced 7-Minute Workout -

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I think they make it clearer that these workouts are designed for people who are, like, not in very good shape already -- although some of the moves here are pretty advanced for that! -- or maybe have space and equipment restrictions that prevent them from really working out. I think if you're already pretty fit, this workout would be more like... a nice change of pace that would hit some smaller muscles you don't necessarily work that often?

I don't know if this is a fault of the illustrator or what, but some of these moves are either... not what the name indicates, or just bad form. The "tricep extension" seems like more of a push press, for instance... and I don't know why they think you need so very many single-arm rows but they are a notoriously easy exercise to do completely wrong, which I suspect they are doing here.

Yeah, I don't think these are the exercises novices should be trying without supervision.

At least at first.

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