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Man Wrestles Shark to Save Kids. Find Out What Happened Next...

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What happened next???

I want to know but I don't like click bait...

Yeah, they did that title wrong.  He was able to fight off the shark, but only after hitting it multiple times with an experimental material surfboard.  He claims (and I agree) the shark attack occurred from unusually murky water and currents.  Usually people are sensitive to that stuff--you would expect a 30 year surfing veteran to be, but this is Maui. 

Actually, now that I think about it, shark attacks are just like dog attacks.  They need a shark whisperer like Cesar Millan. 


Thanks Greg. I would TOTALLY watch a Shark Whisperer show!

I'm not sure there's enough people in the world that have encountered sharks in the wild who have spoken with shark biologists in the capture to work it out.   I've probably seen 200-days of multiple-shark, non-hostile shark sightings close up during my career and exactly 2 hostile close-ups.   Turning that info into whispering or even captured-environment experiences would be truly magic.  I'd start looking at shark cage encounter experts to find one.   

I thin it'd make a great TV show. :-)

I thin so too, Ricky!

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