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Eric Betzig, 2014 Chemistry Nobel Laureate for High Res Microscopy, Improves Technique Again

Eric Betzig 2014 Chemistry Nobel Laureate for High Res Microscopy Improves Technique Again VIDEOS


Eric Betzig, who just won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for super-resolved fluorescence microscopy, and colleagues at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, have developed a new 3D microscopy technique that can provide high resolution videos of living cells, embryos, and even large molecules without disturbing their natural activity.

Lattice light sheet microscopy, as the technique is called, uses ultrathin sheets of light to sweep through an object being observed. As the light moves through the sample, it energizes everything in the plane to fluoresce. This is radiation is captured through a camera and the slices produced by the light sheet are reconstructed to create a 3D image. This can be done for considerable time periods, providing fantastic videos like the ones below:

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These videos are quite fantastic.

I wonder if these techniques can translate well to 3-d print some of these things, too.

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