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An Arty Oculus Trip Through the Large Hadron Collider

Oculus Trip Through Large Hadron Collider gif Imgur WIRED


The Large Hadron Collider has brought new insights into the creation of our universe, some bizarrely compelling conspiracy theories, and now an interactive experience powered by Oculus Rift and Leap Motion. Collider is an arty audiovisual experience that provides a first-person perspective of a particle hurtling through the $6.4 billion apparatus.

Once you don an Oculus Rift headset outfitted with a Leap Motion detector, you are immediately sent spinning through the collider’s synchrotron ring. Aside from the name, there’s no attempt to replicate the atom smashing experience scientifically. Instead, human hands are replaced with kinematic rigging bones, like something from a Dire Straits video, while subtle motions made by the user remake the virtual world with kaleidoscope of generative graphics and pulsing music.

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This touches on the start of using augmented reality to explore both very small things and very big things.

We'll be able to visit subatomic particles and we'll be able to check out other galaxies in the universe.


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