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Google[x] Reveals Nano Pill To Seek Out Cancerous Cells

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Think of it as sort of like a mini self-driving car,” Conrad simplified with a clear reference to Google[x]‘s vehicular project. “We can make it park where we want it to.” Conrad went on with the car theme, saying the body is more important than a car and comparing our present healthcare system as something that basically only tries to change our oil after we’ve broken down. “We wouldn’t do that with a car,” he added.

Bikanta's tiny diamonds luminesce cells in the body.

(Bikanta’s tiny diamonds luminesce cells in the body.)

Similar to Y Combinator-backed Bikanta, the cells can also fluoresce with certain materials within the nanoparticles, helping cancer cells to show up on an MRI scan much earlier than has been possible before.

This has all sorts of implications in medicine. According to a separately released statement from Google today, “Maybe there could be a test for the enzymes given off by arterial plaques that are about to rupture and cause a heart attack or stroke. Perhaps someone could develop a diagnostic for post-surgery or post-chemo cancer patients – that’s a lot of anxious people right there (note: we’d leave this ‘product development’ work to companies we’d license the tech to; they’d develop specific diagnostics and test them for efficacy and safety in clinical trials.”

I like the analogy to self driving cars.

So this is where biotech meets nanotech, and now Google is trying to cure cancer.


They have the technology!

Is there anything they WON'T try to do?

Nano Pills are one solution. Another is... Robot Bacteria!

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