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Smart Bulbs Are C Students | AirPatrol Corporation

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Cracks me up...

wax on, wax off

clap on, clap off

smart on, smart off....

So do you believe in Smart Bulbs?

Engineers have figured out how to stuff a wireless antenna and brain into the base of energy-saving LED light bulbs. These bulbs used to cost $100, but now you can get them at a fraction of the price at a hardware store near you. Why would you want them? Simple because who doesn’t want to feel like a VIP in their own home?

With the smart bulb, we see another product that enhances the smart home experience; a complete tailored experience that quite possible is the way it should be. Imagine a day in the life of a smart bulb user and think of the bulb as a light alarm clock. As the mornings get darker, you can wake up to a sunrise effect from your smart bulb at its programmable time. As you approach your driveway, wouldn’t you like your home to know you’re home? Of course, so your porch light is activated and the usually dark entrance into your house is now illuminated. You open the front door and a hot oven meal is ready accompanied by a series of dimmed lights. Well, the bulbs can’t cook you dinner (yet), but the dimmed lights are nice. There are many possibilities with IFTTT (if this, than that) but not yet cooking.

The smartest bulb I have is in my NEST smoke alarm.  In the middle of the night, when you walk anywhere near underneath it, it slowly fades in just enough to guide your way, without blinding you with light, and then slowly fades away as you keep walking.   Brilliantly convenient and by far the best feature of the product.  

That is pretty brilliant. I guess more devices in the future will learn to be that smart, too.

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