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FAA bars drones from stadiums and racetracks

FAA bars drone from delivering game ball to college football matchup Ars Technica


The Federal Aviation Administration has blocked plans for a small drone to deliver the game football for the University of Michigan kickoff Saturday against the University of Utah before a crowd of about 110,000 fans.

The FAA's move is the latest example of flight regulators blocking the use of small drones for commercial purposes, despite the questionable legal authority for them to do so. The drone, built by Ann Arbor-based SkySpecs, was supposed to participate in a pre-game program of the American football game to celebrate the University of Michigan's 100-year anniversary of its aerospace-engineering program.

Bloomberg News said that after the FAA explained its rules, "the school backed down."

Hobbyists may fly the small drones under guidelines adopted by the agency, and they must be flown away from crowds. Both Google and Amazon are testing drone-delivery programs for commercial purposes, but federal law bans those business models for now.

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You know, it might not be a bad thing that regulators try to keep some of our airspace clear of drones.

Some drones are dangerous, and some violate privacy.

and noisy... our skies full of buzzy annoying other people's drones

I had not noticed the noise. I need to listen for them.

If you can hear them it's too late :)

That's what John Oliver said in his piece on drones too!