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Tiny Houses Have A Not-So-Tiny Problem

Tiny Houses Have A Not So Tiny Problem Co Design business design


As much as we love gorgeous small-scale architecture, not all micro-housing is created equal. Over at City Lab, Kriston Capps argues that tiny houses plopped onto huge lots in the middle of nowhere miss the entire point of micro-housing: to provide more options for affordable housing, especially in crowded, expensive cities.

He takes issue with the 650-square-foot prefabricated zeroHouse, the self-sufficient modular home.

The zeroHouse is so modular and low maintenance, in fact, that all you need to own a zeroHouse is--after $350,000--a plot of land. Any kind of land. Which is, of course, the problem with zeroHouse: Nobody needs micro-housing in places where plots of prairie, mountain, and sea (!) are available in plenty.

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A valid point. Nobody needs a micro-house where there is plenty of land.

Still, they are quite adorable.

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