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Meet John Cederquist - YouTube

John Cederquist's work draws on California surfing culture, trompe l'oeil (fool the eye) painting, and classical Japanese arts and crafts. The artist is not interested in creating "important furniture," but in exploring how appearances shape our perception. Cederquist prefers plywood and industrial resins to precious woods and pigments, creating large-scale pieces that ask us not to take the art, or ourselves, too seriously.

Source: YouTube Video

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And he cites Popeye as an influence!!

great wave of kanagawa john cederquist Boston MFA Contemporary Art Imgur

Those are some tasty waves, Geege.

Popeye the chicken maker?

:) Popeye the Sailor Man!


From the 1996 Conde Nast "House and Garden" article:

"Cederquist works in Orange County, California, an area known for conservative politics and beach culture but hardly for artistic innovation.  And though he has reinvented a kind of Renaissance vision for the contemporary world, his main influences come more from his life as a surfer than from art-historical scholarship, and from the study of cartoons rather than of the masterpieces of the schools of Arezzo or Urbino.  His surfer's knowledge of waves did lead him to an appreciation of Japanese print master Hokusai, especially the latter's Great Wave Off Kanagawa, with its stupendous surge of water dwarfing men huddling in fragile boats.  But it was through watching Saturday morning cartoons with his daughter that he began to ponder the way the great animators handled three-dimensional space.  There is at least as much Popeye an Piero in his work."


Also, regarding Great Wave Off Kanagawa... Nailed it!


No, unbelievable is the Great Waves off Kanagawa photoshop battle:

cookie monster great waves of kanagawa photoshop battle Imgur


Wow-ah!  Adam, thank you!