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The stats prove it: The Smiths among most miserable bands ever...

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We need sentiment analysis to tell us that?  Any why not more country song?  I wonder if you play the smiths backwards they'd be happy.

Even if you play the Smiths backward they'd be miserable.

Not enough country songs -- and blues songs! -- on the list. 

This means they were more miserable than fellow Mancunians Joy Division and the famously-curmudgeonly Leonard Cohen.

With 64.9 per cent of their songs proving negative overall and 29.9 per cent proving neutral it seems that Morrissey was on the money when he sang Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now.

The 10 artists with the highest proportion of positive songs were: Cliff Richard

Depeche Mode

T Rex

The Spice Girls

Paul McCartney

Elton John


The Police

The Beatles


The 10 artists with the highest proportion of negative songs were: The XX

Bon Iver

Status Quo

Deep Purple

The Cure

Robbie Williams

Def Leppard

The Smiths



And an oldie: My favorite Robbie Williams song.  As seems to be the case with all modern music, the video is absolute crap, but the song is awesome.   Oasis probably falls into that category too. 

Depeche "words are very unnecessary they can only do harm" Mode is overly positive?

And is Oasis on both lists??

You're right that after the 1980s but before the 2010s most music videos are awful.

That's post-MTV but pre-Vevo.

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