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My Week With a Flip Phone

My Week With a Flip Phone The Cut Lindsay Lohan Scarlett Johansson hot


Lately the flip has been discussed as a sort of “status phone” among cool people, like pretentious technophobes and Anna Wintour, so I’m wondering if my newly acquired flip phone will provide me entry to this club. With a satisfying fwaaap! and a flick of the wrist — like I’m opening a switchblade — I pop that faux Luddite’s over-inflated bubble. There’s a moment of silence as I pretend to text away — slowly, precisely, laboriously. For I am on a flip phone, and I revel in my slow text messaging, much as a slow-food early adopter would revel in raising her own chickens.

“Whoa,” says Zoe, a particularly cool redhead who was seconds ago blowing cigarette smoke in my face as if I were invisible, “is that a flip phone? Rad.”  

Does the hipness of the flip represent a rebellion against mindless iPhone addicts? A fear of the hackable Cloud? A desire to return to simpler, more social times? As a smartphone addict who literally sleeps with my iPhone clutched in my hand (it’s an alarm clock!), the idea of something that allows me to communicate but can free me from the attention-prison of a smartphone is enticing. And I’m not alone. A Pew study revealed that 9 percent of American adults don’t use smartphones, including 15 percent of 18- to 24-year-olds and 13 percent of 25- to 34-year-olds.

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I didn't realize we could buy dumb phones. Sweet.

Btw those photos of Lindsay Lohan and Scarlett Johansson are NOT 2014.

They're called feature phones.  The best UX designed phone is still the Nokia 8800-8890 series slide phones.  They were unique, satisfying, stylish and rugged. 

Nokia/Microsoft still makes those phones???

I just bought a rotary phone so I could show kids how we used to dial and have to remember phone numbers. Just kidding. 

Just kidding but I would have believed you! I miss rotary phones.

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