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“Which countries export cars?”, “How diversified is Finland?” - The Atlas of Economic Complexity


The Atlas of Economic Complexity | ieOnDemand

“Which countries export cars?” “What are the growth opportunities for Ghana?” “How diversified is Finland?” 

In this talk, I will present The Atlas of Economic Complexity (, a powerful interactive tool that enables economists, policymakers and citizens to visualize a country’s total trade, track how these dynamics change over time and explore growth opportunities for more than a hundred countries worldwide. 

The Atlas features tree maps, stacked graphs and node-links diagrams, among cutting edge visualizations and interactions. The Atlas is also a research platform for economists as well as visualization researchers. This talk will address both design and technical challenges coming when building and maintaining a visualization platform for the masses, at the web scale.

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This Atlas is pretty neat -- it's way to easy to get sucked in!

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