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Google Stars = Bookmarks + Pinterest + Pocket, I guess

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Or maybe it's just accessing your bookmarks on all your devices. 

Seems like they're trying to make a general purpose Save cloud service. 

Except, like all Google consumer products, it sucks!

Like all Google consumer products, it conforms to their Googley design prowess.

Pinterest was created by an ex Googler, too.

i am glad they are allowing more use out of stars. 

I'm not. It just means after we get used to it they'll do a purge and wipe out all our effort.

It's hard to trust Google services. Never know when they're going to end of life them.

true. I wish stars and +1 merge. 

That's a good idea. I'm unclear on why they're different products.

That itself seems like more evidence one of them gets end of lifed. 

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