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the spice that prevents fluoride from destroying your brain

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I guess curcumin is more commonly known as Turmeric?

This is far from the first study to demonstrate curcumin’s remarkable brain-saving properties. From the perspective of the primary research alone, there are over two hundred peer-reviewed published studies indicating that curcumin is a neuroprotective agent. On our own turmeric database we have 115 articles proving this statement: Turmeric Protects The Brain.  We have also featured studies on turmeric’s ability to protect and restore the brain:

Considering the many chemical insults we face on a daily basis in the post-industrial world, turmeric may very well be the world’s most important herb, with over 600 evidence-based health applications.

Stir a teaspoon in your tea water every day:

It's a lot more effective when taken with piperine.

Interesting. I wonder if taking it with black pepper is sufficient to get the benefits.

At least my understanding is piperine is in pepper:

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