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Gawker's more sober view of Twitter than the March 2012 cover story by Bloomberg Businessweek.

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I previously stashed the optimistic article about Twitter monetizing the Interest Graph.

Gawker has a much more balanced view, although it too ends on an optimistic note:

Twitter has huge advantages. There's the big user base. There's Twitter's role in enabling high-profile protest movements. There's all the free celebrity content. There's the fact that no viable direct competitor has emerged in the past six years.

There's also the fact that the service has convinced the vast majority of its users to share their thoughts, interests, and relationships publicly, a highly exploitable level of visibility that has even Facebook envious.

Still, the Gawker article is explicit about how much money Twitter Inc is losing, which means the business model itself has not yet been de-risked.

I'm still a believer. See my Interest Graph stash for more on why.

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