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A Natural Fix for A.D.H.D.

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Is ADHD a problem with our society's highly routinized, disconnected, repetitive work modes rather than a problem with people's brains?

It's likely a combination of the two.

Brains were not meant to do repetitive work. ADHD could be a repetitive stress disorder.

i've often wondered if we didn't just invent the disorder to sell the drugs.

i have a brain that is scattered in all different directions, which is fine for an artist, but difficult for a kid in school. i was on ritalin for several years in college.  it made school fun!  my grades were amazing, but my body suffered terribly.  my heart always hurt.  one day it got out of control.  i went to the doctor believing i was having a heart attack and when she saw the ekg, she thought so too.  when i told her i was on ritalin she sighed with relief and said, "get off the ritalin immediately and come back in a week. my guess is you'll be fine."

she was right. my tachycardia disappeared and my resting heart rate went from 140 to 70.

i've never taken ritalin or anything like it again.  and, like the artist mentioned in the article, i can paint for hours.  it's not an attention problem; it's an interest problem.  being an adult who can choose what activities i want to do everyday is essential for my health!

if only we could make school more individualized for kids's varying interests...

That's a sad story.

But it does illustrate that yes society invents disorders to sell drugs.

Pharmaceutical companies epitomize the banality of this kind of immorality because how do you stop a profiteering juggernaut that behaves like it wants to help people? In America, you can't.

but then there are good doctors, like this lady, who knew the solution was to eliminate the drug, not compound it with another. (drugs for side effects can be a long road...) and good doctors like her will help bring us back to healthier solutions.

I wish there were an easy way to tell the good doctors from the not good ones.

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