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Gay in Silicon Valley. A Founder's Perspective. - Forbes

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"Although in California you can’t be fired for being gay, you can in 29 other states in the US. That’s totally unacceptable."


"It’s human nature that when we share a common culture or experience, such as gender, race, nationality or sexuality, it allows us to make deeper connections."

Tim Cook (CEO of Apple) is gay.

Chris Hughes (co-founder of Facebook) is gay.

And Silicon Valley has several other prominent gay executives.

The laws protecting companies that fire gay people will change in our lifetime.

We in Silicon Valley will help make it so.

One can only hope to see it one's lifetime, since few things are ever certain. But I do hope so!

I believe this is an issue that the majority of people born after the 1960s support.

GenX and the Millenials will become the political majority within 20 years.

Old attitudes about sexuality will literally die out. All we need is time.

Old attitudes take time to die out, how much time, though, is always the question. Also, the majority may support it, but they also have a bad track record when it comes to voting :-/

Obama came out in favor of gay marriage. So have Jay-Z and Carrie Underwood.

All of them had a lot to lose in taking a stand. (Remember the Dixie Chicks?)

Time is on our side. We'll keep pushing till we get there.

60 years ago, it would have been illegal for my wife and I to get married.

Change comes slower than we'd like, but it is inexorable and inevitable.

From 1991, a (groundbreaking) Fortune article by Tom Stewart: Gay in Corporate America

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