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Artificial intelligence: machine vs man

Artificial intelligence machine v man FT com



To Google’s Larry Page, AI is already woven inextricably into online life. Services like web search or automatic translation between languages represent a high level of machine intelligence under control of people. “It’s learning from you and you’re learning from it,” he says. “In some sense the internet is already that: it’s a combination of people and machine intelligence to make our lives better.”

Page, who is halfway through reading Bostrom’s book, says he is glad that the risks of AI are being aired – though he also criticises the “alarmism” around the subject. There will be plenty of time later on to work out how to control the advanced machine intelligence that is coming: “As we get closer and closer to it, I think we’ll know. I think we’ll learn a lot in the process.”

Yet that isn’t likely to silence the apocalyptic warnings. As Muehlhauser, the director of Miri, puts it: “We’re toying with the intelligence of the gods. And there isn’t an off switch.”

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