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Ghost Towns of Lexington Reservoir: Alma

Ghost Towns of Lexington Reservoir: Alma | Mobile Ranger

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I had never heard the phrase "bustling town of 200" before!

The heart of Alma, a ghost town of California’s past lies submerged and mostly forgotten in the basin of the Lexington Reservoir along Highway 17. The outskirts of town are now filled in with forest and bisected by highway, but once this town boasted a grand hotel that served grizzly meat, an estate with trout lakes and rare botanical gardens, and arguably the world’s largest madrone tree. Established in 1871, the once bustling town of 200 was a welcome rest stop for stage coach drivers and a lovely getaway for San Franciscans in search of an adventurous weekend of hunting the elusive grizzly or fishing for trout in the Los Gatos creek.

There were trout in the Los Gatos creek?! I bet that was a lot of fun!

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