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Peter Thiel Recommends 7 Reads

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One reason I've always found Thiel a bit one-dimensional compared to even someone like Elon Musk is that he is SUCH a proponent of individualistic science triumphalism with no apparent balancing thoughts whatsoever. I like science and technology too! But honestly there are days when I think the best thing for everyone would be for our species to die out.

Thiel doesn't seem to appreciate nature for itself, history for the ironies, or education that is not entirely dedicated to making the lives of rich white guys better, longer, and even richer. Whereas Elon Musk, certainly a technological triumphalist himself, has thoughts that are lent some depth and humanity by the realities of global climate change, the deaths of people pursuing his dreams, and the potential for irreparable "oopsies" caused by technological progress. Perhaps this difference is partly due to the fact that Thiel is not himself a builder but rather a financier... so he doesn't fully experience the costs of conscience that a true builder knows must be paid.

That's astounding insight into Peter Thiel:

He doesn't make things; he finances them.

So he's one step removed from the act of creation, content to pool a portfolio of other peoples' work.

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