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Man Claims He's Going To Put On A Snake-Proof Suit And Let An Anaconda Swallow Him On Camera | IFLScience

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Filmmaking in the Amazon is certainly dangerous, and Rosolie has reported his encounters with jaguars, anacondas and tropical diseases in the book Mother of God: An Extraordinary Journey into the Uncharted Tributaries of the Western Amazon.  The title is a translation of Madre de Dios, the name given to the threatened wilderness in which Rosolie works.

However, in a world filled with extraordinary filmmaking, it can be hard to stand out. Animal Planet has already run a story on a filmmaker having a terrifying encounter with an anaconda. To really get attention, Rosolie has announced that he plans to become a modern day Jonah – being swallowed by an anaconda and escaping alive.

That is all kinds of badass and awesome... But I still couldn't stop thinking of this.

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