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Uber C.E.O. Travis Kalanick’s Warpath

Uber C E O Travis Kalanick s Warpath Vanity Fair


Uber, Travis Kalanick’s smartphone-based car service, has been valued at $18.2 billion, but its C.E.O. still spends a lot of his time on the warpath. His enemies include the taxi industry, regulators around the world, his rivals, and even, on occasion, his customers.


“We’re totally legal, like totally legal, and the government is telling us to shut down. And you can either do what they say or you can fight for what you believe,” says Kalanick, setting a pattern of what he called “principled confrontation” that still persists.

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Wow, could he dress any more like a guy who does not care about the 99%?

His insistence that he's legal -- when there are plenty of people who disagree with him -- showcases just how much he's willing to view the entire world through his own belief system.

If they were not such a high profile, heavily VC backed company it would be unlikely that they would be allowed to continue operating without the appropriate licenses that their competitors are required to secure. IMO.

Beth, I think you're right.

Uber uses their profile and their money to try to bully their way to legitimacy.

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