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Boosted Rolls Out Cheaper, Even More Dangerous Electric Skateboards

Boosted Rolls Out Cheaper Even More Dangerous Electric Skateboards WIRED


Boosted Boards has made it faster and cheaper to kill yourself, with a brand new electric skateboard that hits 22 mph and costs a measly 1500 bones.

Earlier this year, we took the original Boosted Board for a ride. Zooming around—even uphill—on a $2,000 Bluetooth-controlled motorized longboard was as fun as it was prohibitively expensive.

The original board stays in the lineup, and it’s now the flagship offering in Boosted’s arsenal. It’s been renamed the Boosted Dual+, and it has a software update that pushes its top speed up to 22mph; the original maxed out at 20mph. Beyond that, it has the same 38-inch deck, Bluetooth remote, six-mile range, and 2,000-watt twin brushless motors as the original Boosted board.

But while the original board went for two grand, the Dual+ will go for $1,500.

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This does not sound like a good idea. 

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